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Nightshift Mode ab 10.12.4
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Standard Nightshift Mode ab 10.12.4

Leider sind ja nur bestimmte Mac´s supported - es sei denn....

Lest selbst:

Supported Mac models for Night Shift in Sierra 10.12.4

Night Shift was introduced in macOS Sierra 10.12.4 (Build 16E144f and Public Beta-1) and it is controlled by CoreBrightness.framework and supported by the following Mac models:


Apple did not release any information about this. Not just yet, but I know this because I located the checks for this in this framework, and there it checks for matching Mac model names:


Night Shift however is not supported by all Mac models. Nope. There is a list with minimum requirements, which I looked up with help of:

nm /S*/L*/PrivateFrameworks/CoreBrightness.framework/CoreBrightness|grep _ModelMinVersion

000000000001d490 S _ModelMinVersion

Ok. Now we know the offset. Time to dump the data with help of:

xxd -s 0x1D490 -l 24 /S*/L*/PrivateFrameworks/CoreBrightness.framework/CoreBrightness

0001d490: 0900 0000 0d00 0000 0600 0000 0500 0000
0001d4a0: 0600 0000 0800 0000

09 = MacBookPro9,x
0d = iMac13,x
06 = Macmini6,x
05 = MacBookAir5,x
06 = MacPro6,x
08 = MacBook8,x

Now you know how I did it, and in case you happen to own a Mac model that isn’t supported, yet, then you could try to patch the matching value in CoreBrightness.framework. The colors that I used should help you to find the correct spot.

Anyway. This my friends is how it is done. Have fun now.

Edit: The order of the MacBookPro and iMac was wrong – see comments. Fixed thanks to the heads up from Thomas and Nicolinux.

Update: You need to re-sign the patched framework binary with:

sudo codesign -f -s - /S*/L*/PrivateFrameworks/CoreBrightness.framework/Versions/Current/CoreBrightness

Note: You may only use this patch in your software if the source code is available, you are not asking for donations, and clearly state that this was my work. Thank you.

Damit sollte Nightshift auch bei älteren Modell funktionieren.

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